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Aliens : Kidz' R EVil Cut

"Aliens" : Kidz 'r EViL cut


A new vision for an old story..

When I first seen the movie Aliens I was amazed by the look of it. I couldn't grasp why I was drawn to it but I knew the feel of the images and the world you were thrown into had a sense of authenticity to it. This was the movie that made me know I wanted to be a film maker.

Years later as I revisited the film I noticed a few things I would've done differently and that's the essence of this idea. As a filmmaker what would you do to tell the story that you know and love ? Do you edit the color ? Do you place the events out of sequence to create a new story ? The options are endless. The personality of the editor is in the edit and this is my take on a classic many have known and love : Aliens (1986).