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American Sniper : PTSD

Imagine being in an armed conflict where the enemy isn't a uniformed military. Imagine having to make the judgement call that the child you are looking at through a scope is not a mere civilian trying to go to the market, he is armed and dangerous. War is a hell of a thing and no matter what side you are on, no matter who's right or who's wrong violence leaves a scar on us all that we are forced to live with. An unsightly scar, a cross we have to carry until we dig deep and figure out how to overcome the trauma. This is the reality of those in armed conflicts no matter what country they fight for. This is the picture Clint Eastwood paints with "American Sniper" for those who care to look beneath the surface.

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Dante Rowley interview // #RSWD

We all want to make a living doing what we love. Most of us have passions that we wouldn't mind pursuing if we didn't have a 9-5. You hate your boss but you love your hobbies. If you could quit tomorrow you would but in the back of your mind your wondering if you do where would your next meal come from ? What will your family think ? Where do I begin ? Realizing this I set out to find people who I felt were influential and are making a living doing what they love. Meet Dante Rowley : owner of the San Diego based sneaker consignment shop "ROSEWOOD". I had the pleasure of interviewing him during the stores hours of operation to not only see how things were ran, but to also witness his interaction with his customers. Dante not only understands the culture he's apart of it. He comes off as a true supporter of the sneaker collecting culture as opposed to yet another boutique owner looking to capitalize off of the market. You owe it to yourself to pay the store a visit if your ever in the San Diego area !