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We need more Kim K !

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You found Kim K ? She's in a mansion ? In the Phillipines ?! Yes we need more news about Kim Kardashian, I want to hear about every bowel movement & salon appointment. When she farts...tweet me the link to the Perez Hilton post. I need every notification,update,text message alert & newsletter. Not just on Kim K though, make sure you got Rihanna, Erica Mena, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie news in the email too. Unfortunately this isn't a joke. This is the current infatuation in American media & the mass drones that can't live without celebrity news.


Fun fact I took a psychology class a couple years ago. It was hell BUT I learned some things. We went over events that could lead to psychological trauma of people on a mass scale. Of course an event like a terrorist attack or a school shooting will traumatize people far and wide but to my surprise I learned celebrity news can have the same effect. Remember when Brittney Spears had the meltdown and shaved her head ? Well I learned in that class that there is a study of psychology that shows that particular event has traumatized a fan somewhere in the world. How ? These people live vicariously through celebrities to the point where they just...relate. It's like they share the same feelings. I don't know if you can call that empathy or if it is a mental illness but the infatuation with celebrities is proof people suffer with it on a mass scale. Celebrity news, reality TV an our overall addiction to celebrity news is eye opening. It's so common practice it almost seems...normal. I've seen useless celebrity news like the naming of Kanye's baby take priority over tragedies,political events and world news in general. Its hard not to see this as a well executed distraction from topics that matter, topics that if people payed more attention to they would realize the direct impact the REAL world has on them. You ever think about what some of these celebrities have contributed to society ? Absolutely nothing. What has Kim K done to advance society ? What ? She's pretty ? She's been under the knife more times than a fucking porterhouse steak ! Contrary to popular belief pretty isn't that can't be it. What makes one person so prestigious that they can influence a population just by existing, not even contributing...existing ?



I want more celebrity news. I wan’t people to be so bombarded with Kim Kardashians life that by some act of God, by some grand epiphany they realize this isn’t REAL life and they get bored with it. Bored with the antics, bored with the vanity parade.


The answer is media. Media can make any fool prestigious and the fools controlled by media eat it up. Lives controlled by vanity & the empty desire to obtain is what makes us worship celebrities. We go "hey, look at this person. They have obtained all that my little heart desires. I wan't to be like that. I want what he/she has. She's a rude little bitch, I wish I was that courageous, I want the fame, I wan't the power". That has to be the conversation one has with themselves...even subliminally as they watch a beautiful woman or man parade themselves around with out a care or consequence. You watch them and then you put your life in perspective as you make payments on your past due bill and tell yourself if you have their life you wouldn't be going through this. If you were prettier your life wouldn't be so boring. If you had more money you would be happier, people will love you. Funny thing is even if you have the love, you are financially stable and have some sort of joy in your life, the vanity parade of this media/pop culture driven society will make you forget what you have. They will make you forget the priceless things in your life for the empty vain things you don't have, the things you watch on TV, the centerfold you desire. Me ? I want more celebrity news. I wan't people to be so bombarded with Kim Kardashians life that by some act of God, by some grand epiphany they realize this isn't REAL life and they get bored with it. Bored with the antics, bored with the vanity parade. Im hoping people get SO bored with watching celebrities, so bored with spectating that they start acting on their own. Acting towards finding substance in their life, acting towards appreciating what they have and ignoring the illusion of excess in celebrity culture. Praying people start valuing the intangible like love and integrity instead of material and more material. Praying they see these people are not Gods living without consequence. I hope they get SO bored with Kim Kardashian they regret every moment spent obsessing over her life and they begin obsessing over their own.


I hope they realize the TV is there to hypnotize.

I hope they realize mentally, they have been put to rest.

I hope they wake up.

I hope they rise up.