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Born To Die

As artists we have a divine right to express ourselves creatively. Whether its to paint our souls onto a canvas then toss it in the trash or photograph moments of pure insanity then lock them away in a drawer. The point is we may not always show our work to the world but we will always have that thirst to quench. The parched feeling of never being satisfied. Forever striving for more than what we have, more than what we know. As two artistically synced individuals we decided fashion deserved to be preserved in its beauty, art deserved to be shown on a bigger scale and the fusion of fashion & cinema was the way to convey our feelings. Creating visuals where fashion wasn't motionless anymore, where the fear became nonexistent. "Born to die" is a short video created with the mindset that darkness is an untouchable beauty. With the talents of videographer Adisa "Felix" Sobers and creative director Christina Roman, a visually pleasurable masterpiece is born. -- @croman_