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Wealthy Ho$tage

In the world of fashion, where individualism had once reigned supreme there is a slow uprising of that same atmosphere brewing. And if you are anything like myself, you are ecstatic to have this once again unfold. Creatively inclined individuals coming together to develop visions of their very own. Bringing to life an array of quality products, genuine intentions and grand schemes of brilliance. As the world moves forward and life as we know it begins to find itself on an inclination of greatness, we have but one place that seems to gleam brighter than all the rest. New York is home to the fashion worlds elite and it is no surprise that within the gritty streets and beautiful architecture of this city a whole other world thrives. In 2005, a quaint boutique opened its doors and almost ten years later is still one of the favorite places to find yourself when in need of great apparel. Wealthy Ho$tage made its home in Brooklyn, and my what a fitting home to have. With a decor that is all about the product and an ownership that strives for longevity it is no wonder this boutique has made it this far. But I'll tell you this, with all the new developments and with such a fine visionary behind it, Wealthy Ho$tage will soon have everyone at their doorstep.

We want to keep things elevated and fresh at wealthy ho$tage. Our goal has been the same since day one - to bring in the newest and most innovative street fashion to Brooklyn regardless of price.

Meet Gene Han of Wealthy Ho$tage!

Q: How did the name come about ?

A: I was actually driving around Coney Island and saw an all black van driven by what can be best described as shady looking characters. Right then, the name just came to me. The name wealthy ho$tage is an ironic inference to how companies basically make consumers hostages to corporate America. They're essentially making consumers wealthy hostages. The name reminds us to be more aware of what we purchase and consume and not just blindly follow. That's why we strive to only bring in products with a compelling story and made of the highest quality.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish this year ?

A: 2015 will be the 10 year anniversary of wealthy ho$tage! We are planning a full renovation of the store interior in August of this year. And, of course we're having our 10-year bash early next year. Y'all invited!

Q: How would you describe the vision and/or direction of the boutique ?

A: We want to keep things elevated and fresh at wealthy ho$tage. Our goal has been the same since day one - to bring in the newest and most innovative street fashion to Brooklyn regardless of price.

Q: What are some things us fashionites can look forward to in the coming years ?

A: We want to branch away from the "usual suspects" in the footwear game and bring something new to our area. We feel strongly about the continual popularity of running silhouettes and so, in addition to Nike and Asics, we are bringing in brands such as Brooks Heritage and Diadora to our mix. We also love the growing trend of sport tech fashion with brands such as ICNY of Brooklyn and will be continuing to bring in large assortments of that category.

Q: What inspired your choice of decor ?

A: Our space is dark with an almost desolate atmosphere because we felt that is what our name conveys. In addition, we wanted the emphasis on the product itself instead of the space. The product is what brings the space to life. Our renovation this year will still maintain that quality just more minimal and cleaner.

Q: When the show is over & the curtains are drawn, how do you want the world to remember you as a company? How do you want them to remember the team behind the boutique?

A: We hope our customers remember us as good people who are dedicated to our trade. And that we are more than just a sneaker store!