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DMC Review : Demons x Capitalism

I'm a fan of the hack and slash genre.  Chaining and incessant amount of combos together whilst effortlessly dodging the Swords, whips and chains of enemies you know...on my Bruce Lee shxt. The game that popped my proverbial cherry was Devil May Cry 1 for PS2. Dante was a sword swinging, gun slinging bad ass in a red coat clearly taking inspiration from Trigun as well as the world's famous "Dante's Inferno", a story of one man's trip through hell. It became a hit in a major way and has had its highs such as the masterpiece that was Devil May Cry 3 and it's low  namely the disaster we never mention : Devil May Cry 2. With its history of successful titles many fans of the series were a bit nervous when we heard Heavenly Sword's developers Ninja Theory were taking over the DMC project. Trust me when I say that...this was the smartest decision Capcom could make.


The first thing you notice about the new DMC is the style. It's a gorgeous game with a color palette filled with red and blue tones that actually tie into the games new devil x angel combat system. From the beginning you can tell it's a game for more mature audiences as Dante picks up two chicks and they go down on him...what better way to introduce a character than with a sex scene? The way the art ties into the dialogue and even the game play makes for a superbly thought out experience. I'm gonna skip out on all the talk about game play and combat though. Trust me. It's good you'll enjoy it. All the reviews you'll read on DMC will tell you that. I want to talk to you about the driving force of the game and the part that stood out to me the most : the story.

Demon's have society in a vice grip, they make our food, create our entertainment and control the worlds finance in an attempt to keep humans under their control. Sound familiar ? I hope it does because it sounds very familiar to me.

Without becoming the guy who sees the movie first and tells you every plot twist and turn and instantly fcks up the experience for you im going to give you a rough outline of DMC's new universe. The game starts off with a conversation between the demon Mundus on the phone with the president. The purpose of this conversation was solely to show us the power that these demons have over our very government. We know Mundus as a demon but the world knows him as the man who single handily saved the worlds banking system. Already you can see the correlation made between Demons and Capitalism and as you get deeper into the game you will see how they are integrated with society as a whole. The games art style & character design further showcases our modern societies nuisances in a very creative way. The demon Lilith looks like she had one too many cosmetic surgeries. Plump lips and cheeks with a saggy body. Did I forget to mention that the skin on her face is pulled back ? Demon face lift maybe ? Demon's have society in a vice grip, they make our food, create our entertainment and control the worlds finance in an attempt to keep humans under their control. Sound familiar ? I hope it does because it sounds very familiar to me. Instead of demons controlling us we have corporations controlling multiple aspects of our lives to keep us under their control. This new twist to the DMC universe was much needed...lets be honest Devil May Cry's storyline was starting to get weak and forced.


Ok I lied I will talk about the combat. If you played Heavenly Sword the L & R trigger weapon switching will seem familiar to you. As in Heavenly Sword the speedy weapons are reserved for the L trigger and the R trigger is for the heavy earth shattering tools of destruction available to you. The best part about it is that you can easily switch between these weapons mid combo and it's incredibly smooth to do so. In my opinion its easier to combo in DMC than it was in Devil May Cry 3 but DMC3 I've seen people pull off crazier shxt. Although you will be right at home with this new system as a veteran to the series, it still remains accessible to new comers to the series...but if you're looking for something as complex and technical as DMC3 you wont find it here...but thats not really a bad thing.


The graphics are incredible and it stands out as one of the few games who's graphics compliments the art work/style of the universe. It draws you in as you experience Dante being sucked into limbo. A world that is like a parallel universe to our reality that shifts and alternates itself like some type of bizarro world. The world is literally trying to KILL Dante. You will be walking towards your next goal and watch the pavement in front of you uproot itself , ceilings randomly collapse...this mad world is rendered fluidly via EPIC's UNREAL engine. It also helps drive the point home of a world secretely controlled by Demons as you witness a poster for the local TV station go from saying "Just doing God's work" to "doing the work of the Ungodly". Things like this really help envelope you as the player into the universe without the need for dialogue.

All in all DMC is a really good game my only issue with it is that its short...especially in comparison with the other games in the series. But hey would you rather short and sweet or long and drawn out ? Fans of the series should have no fear with Ninja Theory as the developer. I hope to see more collaborations between Ninja Theory and Capcom in the future especially when it comes to DMC !



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