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Halo 4 review


When Halo 4 was announced I'll admit I wasn't too excited about it. In a time where sequels are over done "more of the same" is what we've grown to expect from the game industry. This on top of the fact that bungie will no longer be the developer of the Halo franchise had me worried. I am pleased to say Halo 4 put those fears to rest. The first thing you'll notice is how great the graphics look. There are major improvements to the look of the game. They aren't there just for the sake of eye candy, they have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the game. The art direction is absolutely beautiful ; landscapes look like they go on forever, weapons and vehicles are detailed and the character animation is extremely polished. The later levels will make your jaw drop as the graphics and audio will suck you into the action. If you own a surround sound system and 1080p TV then you are in for a real treat.

Speaking of audio the new weapon sound effects are absolutely intense. Everything from the assault rifles to plasma weapons have a new "punch" to them that definitely adds to the action ; it's a pleasure firing them and turning your enemies into swish cheese. No longer do the weapons feel underpowered, that combined with Chief's increased movement speed creates a near frantic pace to the game making it that much more intense. I HATED the fact that it takes so long to bring and enemy down in the other Halo games. You would waste a whole fckn clip JUST to bring a covenant elite's shields down ! No longer is this an issue, the weapons do MUCH more damage. This is a God send because the enemies are MUCH smarter.

Playing Halo on heroic now is close to playing it on legendary.

The enemies play chess not checkers. You will be shocked to see how they will set you up to be flanked and dynamically change their tactics as you try to put the pressure on them.

The enemy a.i. reacts organically ; their were a couple of times we're I ambushed enemies that were not aware of my presence and they reacted as if they were genuinely surprised ! This adds an element of reality to Halo's otherwise fictional setting, the combat has seriously evolved.

Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the story. Very few things were explained, it was like they threw shxt in there for the sake of doing it. Have a question that was left unanswered in Halo 3 ? It still is. Have a question that was left unanswered in Halo 4 ? Your not the only one, it was random and confusing as fck. They tried to bridge this emotional gap between Chief and Cortana that was weak at best. Halo Reach and ODST by far had the best story lines filled with drama and the element of uncertainty. It was hard to care or even understand the roles of the characters in Halo 4 because of their brief random appearances. Nothing much was done to build on their story.Don't get me wrong the story isn't so bad that you wont care to play the game...that is far from true.

Halo's new strong point is the Call Of Duty'ish in-game cut scenes or scripted "events" that drive the action. The new perspective is reminiscent of what was done in Metroid Prime as if you were viewing the world from the inside of Chief's helmet. VERY cool.

The multiplayer is still awesome. They picked up a lot of tips from Call Of Duty yet it still "feels" like Halo. The fast paced high intensity action from the campaign translates well into the multiplayer which was exactly what the series needed. The new multiplayer modes plus the new Spartan Op's multiplayer missions makes Halo 4 a much-needed addition to anyone XBOX owners game library.

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