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Halo Reach Review


If your familiar with the Halo franchise you probably were one of the many who were at the edge of their seat when the 1st trailer for Halo Reach dropped. Yes folks the new Halo more than fulfills the expectations of the fans and those new to the franchise.

Visual Audio Impact

Its bigger and more bad ass with its improved graphics,sound and more importantly : gameplay. HDTV & surround sound system owners will get the full effect as bullets whiz by your head and explosions go off right next to you.


Although I wont give away the story I will tell you that its a prequel to the first title starring the infamous Spartans in their fight to protect REACH from the Convenant threat that plagues mankind. The cutscenes and dialog between you & your team mates are much improved since Halo 3 and helps convey the feeling of impending doom and helps fill the gaps in the Halo canon.

You go from one battle to the next and the pacing never comes as forced or self imposing its as hollywood blockbuster as you can get in a game minus the popcorn & screaming babies in the theatre.

As you get deeper into the single player experience you'll notice the enemy intelligence, the second thing you'll notice is the LACK of intelligence of your allies intelligence. Regular allied soldiers are still mildly retarded while the enemies practically run strategies right out of Hannibal of Carthage's book. If you underestimate the enemy A.I. you'll quickly find yourself in the morgue.

Bungie did a great job of making you feel like your under the pressure of an alien threat that wants you...DEAD. The pacing for the single player is perfect and will help solidify this title as the best Halo game in the series.


I know your thinking " We've heard enough about the campaign mode but what about the multiplayer ?". The answer ? Multiplayer is still as addicting as ever. #WIN. Nothing much has changed, just a few new gameplay modes (Convenant vs. Spartans) & character classes. Although the character classes are not customizable it still helps add variety to the gameplay. The only issue I have with the character classes is its not nearly as engaging as the customization allowed in games like Call Of Duty 4. But then again this isn't Call Of Duty, Bungie has put together a well balanced multiplayer mode.

The Verdict

Although I wish they at least made the combat feel more modern by adding a "aim down the sight" feature its still a good game. Between the visual presentation,sound quality and awesome storyline, you will be winning in life if you bought this game Seriously so if you haven't yourself a favor ^_^.

Score : 9/10


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