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Max Payne 3 review


Rockstar Games...they might as well be a movie studio because their games are all cinema quality. Seriously. Since Grand Theft Auto Rockstar has seamlessly blended the lines between Cinema and Game's and Max Payne is no different. Max Payne puts you in the shoes of a manic-depressive ex NYPD officer named Max Payne. Once you heard NYPD officer you should already know hella people are getting shot, that's just a given. Max Payne would put John Woo to shame with its high intensity, well choreographed gun play.

The graphics, the story & the gameplay are just amazing. The cutscenes are very detailed and 3/4 of the time they segue into a part where you take control of the action. This is what I mean by Rockstar blending cinema and gameplay, the execution is madly innovative.

The sound quality is all high fidelity. The boom's of shotguns and sounds of automatic weapon fire is a feast for the ears but what stands out is the voice acting. If you've played Grand Theft Auto then you know the quality of the acting is top-notch and the same applies to Max Payne. Brazilians sound like Brazilians and guido Nu Joizee kids sound like they are from New Jersey. I love it.

Rockstar's classic attention to detail gives us the joy of shooting up environments that are true to life. Taking a trip through the slums of the favelas they look as they do in real life, as do the locals. The environments are so accurate that you can take a travel photo and compare it to what you see in the game and it would be damn near identical.

For the first time out of the 3 games multiplayer has been included. I was nervous as to how they were going to pull off bullet time in the multiplayer but they did a good job. The class system is balanced and the bullet time slow mo elements are well thought out making it a fun experience online. All in all Max Payne 3 is a must have, definitely pick this up if you haven't already.

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