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A reality lost in Reality TV


WIth so many reality tv shows hitting the air waves its no wonder people of our generation seem to find themselves in a downward spiral of confusion. The confusion of never fully understanding the world or where they should be headed. Forever filled with the doubts of a daily walk through life. Where am I going? What am I doing? or more importantly What should I wear?

The days where providing for your family, creating the perfect atmosphere where children will be raised or even the simplistic times of living a respectable life have left us in the dust. All that is left is a celebrity obsessed society in a superficial world. If your mind is too great you are misunderstood, if your life is too normal you are not to be seen with. If you speak intellectually, you are speaking to yourself. A book isn't as important as a television. Communication has become much more difficult since finding the words to express your feelings has become troublesome for people.

"Reality" TV has in a nutshell taken our minds and tossed them all into the air without the promise of ever catching them for us. From individuals to whole families, people are sitting in front of the television sets weekly to watch drama filled episodes of scripted "reality" shows. The prospect of watching others drown themselves in stupidity and for lack of a better word "ratchetness" is at an all time high. Audiences tuning in religiously to worship "reality" TV "celebs" forming this cult like influence over our entire culture.

The difference with these shows and the actual reality shows of our childhood are quite obvious, the unpredictability that came with true reality shows deemed unsettling for producers and networks. So out comes the more scripted, more dramatic, less believable shows. Whether people truly believe this is all fake or not doesn't really matter, they are still entertaining themselves, giving themselves their dose of "ignorance" as I've heard many explain. I wish I could tell you this too shall pass, but it won't. Why take off entertainment that is generating tons of money while still distracting our minds ?

I must say this might be the smartest creation to deviate our attention from the real activities happening around us since televising sporting events. The irony of us losing our true reality to "Reality TV" shows is beyond derision, however it won't ever be seen through the eyes of everyone. We'll all read this and find a subtle agreement within it then turn on MTV/VH1 and find ourselves engulfed in another episode of "I'm real, she's fake. We in love, they hating. I don't want my life on tv, I can't get enough of the fame." Enjoyably and naively in a blissful state of unconsciousness.