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Ancient Knowledge : sacred geometry x meditation

Lately I have been debating whether I should post some of the information from the lodge I used to be apart of on twitter. Being introduced to ancient knowledge via the group of people I was blessed to meet it changed my life for the better. I was more aware of the cause and effect of my actions and I started to receive a sense of self ; I started to feel I have a place in the universe unbeknownst to me. To this day I felt like these teaching are something that should be shared with the world but understandably they are hard to grasp, I can't say it was easy for me to get it. It took me 22 lectures to complete the first stage in the lodge so condensing this info down to a series of 140 character tweets is nearly impossible ! I have great news though ! I stumbled on a video that helps explain some of the information on the document to so you would be more capable of understanding it. These teachings explain things such as mantras (the ummmmmm sound people do when meditating) reality and the third eye and things such as sacred geometry. They help expand your perspective on this world we live in and I hope you get something out of it !

click here to download the document

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