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BTB shoot @ Levis Workshop

Sooo BTB (beyond the basement) had their first shoot at the Levis Workshop recently. If I know Jade I would say that this shoot represents some kinda gathering of NYC artist coming together to take pics and sing songs of joy and overall gleeful shxt. Me personally I think it was an excuse to get a bunch of dope people in Levis workshop and take awesome pics from the likes of @DirtySoufyankee, @Emaphotography & yours truly @kidzrevil ^_^ *does bankhead bounce*. Oh ! @Wordspit's energetic self was there for the shoot as well as @DremurMusic, @PotentialNY, @jintrovert & @ayeroamano the founder of #ROAM clothing. Wow I haven't dropped so many names since I became a registered government informant. *crickets*....anyway MOVING ON.

Its good to see some of our generations most influential coming together to support each other, even if its just for a photo shoot.

Next time we all come together its probably gonna be for some big illuminati esque knights of the round table meeting. Who know's...all I know is good things are on the horizon for us all...