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Don't flatter yourself homie.


Confidence is a great thing to have. To be able to walk with your chest out and your head held high gives you this admirable sense of purpose as you tackle the day. On the flip side what happens when your too confident ? What do you call that ? Pride ? Hubris ? Either way too much pride hurts more than it helps. "Pride before the fall" you ever heard that saying ? Many should have payed attention to it : Julius Caesar, Suge Knight, Azealia Banks etc. Because of pride many have lived to see their fall and are well on their way to it. How could something your encouraged to have ends up being so venomous to your progress ? Easy. You start overestimating yourself. You start flattering yourself instead of having people flatter you. You start impressing yourself before people are impressed by your actions...and that my friend is the recipe for disaster.

You may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps. - Marsellus Wallace #PulpFiction

This article is inspired by the amount of tweets from upcoming entrepreneurs and artists that are like "im tired of seeing people who aren't as good as me make $ !". Ok lets pause right there. For starters worse,better & best are all subjective words to compare something to something else. WHO THE FCK told you that you were better than the next man ? Yourself ? You think that shxt holds any weight ? You know how many ugly broads tell them self that they're pretty ? Don't let TD Jakes and the inspiring tweeters gas you : Your opinion of yourself don't hold as much weight as others opinion of you. If your product is good but no one is buying it then how good is it really ? You gotta analyze the fact that the people who you felt you are better than are where you want to be. That right there is like the atom bomb of self-realization ; a wake up call. At that point you gotta chill, separate yourself from your pride and understand as talented as you think you are your probably missing the element that made those people SUCCESSFUL ! You know how many artist think they are better than a Trinidad James or a Lil B but will never see,touch,taste or smell their level of success ? Think about it.

Don't flatter yourself homie, instead work. Work to become the person you want to be. Work to get to the places you need to be. Telling yourself I'm good don't necessarily make it so and even if you are maybe this is a sign that you need to get better. Pride limits growth ! This world we live in is filled with infinite possibilities ! We will never reach perfection and that's the best part about it ! Imagine being able to play ball on Michael Jordan's level but still telling yourself you have miles to go ? What you will become at that point will be far & beyond your expectations of yourself. You want to grow ? Then don't flatter yourself homie...its not a good look for you.