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Eye of Horus : The Transition

The third eye aka The Eye of horus is a thing of mystery. What is known as a myth to others is a reality to a select few. We are all capable of obtaining it but its the lack of belief & or understanding in what exactly the third eye is turns people away from the concept. If you have ever had a gut feeling, or a deep understanding of your feelings and how it relates to the world around you...then most likely you have it as well. I have had personal encounters with the awakening of my very own third eye. It has altered my perception of the world around me and is the key reason why I chose to stick with film and photography as a way to showcase how I perceive people & the world around me to others. I started this interview series to see if other intelligent, artistic minds such as Latasha Alcindor and Lavan Wright share the same feelings as I do on the subject. Needless to say I was surprised at what I found...