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Fck School


While cost of tuition goes up available jobs go down

How can you afford $27,000+ tuition if you don't have income ?

Take out a loan.

"I know you can't afford this loan but im going to give it to you anyway. Why ? Cause I love you :-D"

Fast forward to after graduation : your loan has nearly doubled with interest

Can't pay it back ? Fuck you. Welcome to slavery

Do you know how slavery works ? Slavery essentially removes one's ability to think and act freely. Due to the corporate influence on our "education" system, it is now meant to breed the perfect employee for these vampires of corporations. From Junior High School up we are taught  not to think, but to regurgitate information. There is no "learn how to invent something class" and freedom of expression is certainly not entertained. Did you take one of those in school ? I certainly didn't.

There is a reason why China has a better education system than we do. They work to raise the future producers of society...not corporate slaves.