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Free Work


It is no secret that we are in grim financial times. Foreclosure's are up, gas prices are at an all time high & tuition is on the rise. The solution to adapting to our economic crisis is to work harder right ? Well...that all depends on who you ask.

Putting the "free" in freelance

As a full time freelancer this is how I make a living. I do not have a job that gives me a 401k or some sponsor with a ridiculous budget eager to spend on my's just me. I can't possibly speak for all freelancers ; everyone's business and rates are tailored specifically to how they work and their cost of living. What we all have in common however are : bills,bills,bills & expenses thrown in there for good measure. Oh & if your lucky.....*cue horror music* KIDS ! I'm not going to be the one to tell you why YOU shouldn't work for free, thats for you to know. I'll tell you why I wont though...

Cause shxt cost money

Things cost money. I know right ?! That's fckd up ! How dare people exchange money for things they need ?! Don't they know we rap for a living ? FYI rappers = a rare occurrence. Nope ! Can't find those on MySpace,Twitter & Facebook, nope not at all. Freelancers must cater to start up brands,rappers & bands for they are God's gift to humanity.

I have things to do with my life

Sometimes I like to meditate, hang out with friends, go to bars you know...SHOOT THE BREEZE. In an ideal world I would wait patiently in front of the computer until you demand work from me. Yes working is my favorite past time next to watching paint dry and snails race.

I wake up in the morning and as I say my prayers, I say unto the lord : "Jesus send me a client. A client that is willing to place strenuous demands on me,potentially reject whats presented to them and overall just work me like the slave that I am. Amen."

Sadly this is not an ideal world...its bizarre...and I am cursed with that thing called "having a life". Oh woe is me for I have friends,family,and the desire to have fun ! WHY MUST I BE CURSED WITH SUCH CRUEL RESPONSIBILITIES !

I'm just selfish

I just don't be giving a fck bout nobody but me,myself & I. Not even a 1/4 of a fck. Do you understand how minuscule a 1/4 of a fck is ? I would have you know is not given in generous proportions.

Supply & Demand

You need ? You buy. Hurry up and buy.

Living the American Dream

I desire the American Dream Just as much as the next man. We could make each other rich by investing in each other. Poor people stay poor because they don't invest. Not me. I want a big ass house...with a big ass family...and a wife...with a big ass. Capitalism always wins.