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Hyperbolic Time Chamber : The 90's

It seems like in these days, my generation (Generation Y) has a fascination, or a fixation with “the past.” Whether it's the hipsters browsing their local thrift shop for tees from some 80s band that they've never heard before, rappers trying to “bring the 90s back,” or sneakerheads dropping hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on “OGs” that 80% of the time are not wearable. Why are we so focused on the past, when we have no connection to it other than stories and Google ? Why do we, the supposed generation that has so much potential and everything going for them, focused on a past that the general populace deems outdated.

From birth, we are always told in some form or another that “Life was better back in ____, when we had ________ and didn't have ________.”

I believe that the influence of the older generation, both manifest and latent influence, plays a huge role in this mentality. From birth, we are always told in some form or another that “Life was better back in ____, when we had ________ and didn't have ________.” Naturally, human curiosity kicks in, and we'll begin to explore “the past” to see what was so great about it. This will result in one of two things: Either the person will be bored with what they find or they will be intrigued and want to find out more. If it is the latter, they might research the history of what they find. Then they spread that knowledge to a friends. Eventually, down the line of this domino effect, you could affect an entire generation.

From the sociological perspective of symbolic interactions, the past could symbolize many things depending on what we are talking about. Using the examples I mentioned in the first paragraph, the thrift store shirt may represent some form of genuineness. The shirt might be an original, not a reprint. Because of that, it might bring that person closer to a time they can't experience. Maybe the person who once owned the shirt got it at a concert, where they met the band and did lots of drugs and had a great time (don't do drugs kids). The shirt has a potential story to it. Same with the OG Jordans. Jordans in their own right are iconic due to Michael Jordan himself, but the original factor raises the bar to new heights.

Grasping at the past can be a bad thing, especially if you aren't looking towards the present or the future, word to the homie Jay Gatsby. But it is important to never forget the past, even indulging in it from time to time. There's a lot of cool things that past generations had that we may never get to experience. So the next time you see that hipster flaunting their Ramones t-shirt that looks like some homeless guy wore it for 10 years, or another twitter MC who sounds like De La Tribe of The New School, chop it up with them. Ask them about their influences, ask them why they love the past so much. You might learn something.


Then you could start your journey.