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I blame the parents

Whoever said parents don't understand certainly was NOT lying. Aren't you tired of getting your dreams shut down by parents ? Your like mom "I can draw look !" and you draw some Picasso type shit and she goes "ain't no career in art. Go to school. Be a doctor.".....what o_O !? Or how about this classic scenario

You : "Mom I got a 95 on my math test !" Mom : "How come you didn't get a 100 ?!"

Recently I got a chance to speak to WriterChanelle heres her take on our parents generation.

"Speaking from my own experience, they rebelled against authority to their own detriment and put their dreams on hold to support the dreams of their children. They then became so bitter and cynical towards their own dreams and the possibility of change that they failed to be motivators. They succeeded at being hypocrites by wanting their children to have better lives, while making it impossible for their children to believe it could happen. The ones (like me) who remained optimists in spite of their actions were belittled, told they were too idealistic and naive, and had to spend years deprogramming themselves."

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