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Insomnia : The enemy of creativity

Insomnia seems to be a common disease that plagues all designers,musicians,photographers and creatives as a whole. Is it really a disease ? If so then it's a great one to have. Insomnia seems to be the fuel used to light the flames of ambition that we need to bring our dreams to reality. We shouldn't look at our insomnia as time wasted being awake, but as timed GAINED by staying awake. Why sleep when you can grind ? Like what are you getting out of all that bed rest besides the possible severe weight gain in your later days ? You would be surprised....there is plenty to gain from a good nights rest !

Sleep actually solves problems

o_O "How the hell does sleeping solves problems ?" Easy. The way the brain works when we sleep is pretty weird. Your brain basically repeats what you did during the day as your subconscious tries to "solve issues" for you, it's the brain process of making your job easier.

The mind is constantly creating even as you sleep and that's basically the foundation of creativity.

I'm no neurologist so I'm not even going to try to sound like an expert on the subject, but I can tell you from experience that I have come up with crazy ideas by paying attention to my dreams.

One door closes & another one opens...

As creatives we often face hurdles on the road to getting our art/music to the point where we are completely satisfied. Just take it easy it will come to you,after all it is your subconscious job to do so for you.You ever been in a situation where you had a pressing issue ? You probably analyzed and reanalyzed the issue but when you least expect it...poof the problem has solved itself. This can be considered some sort of divine intervention or something but who cares : sleep on a problem, you solve a problem. #Fact ^_^

Most of the time people are up on social media not doing shxt anyway but talking about the work that they are doing. No sleep is the cliche grind rallying call. -- @upscenesean