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Meditation 101

Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries. Every culture from east to west has various meditation techniques that grants the user various long term mental & physical benefits. Everything from a more relaxed body,sharper mental focus, and an increased physical stamina can be achieved with daily meditation. However there are SO many techniques out there how do you know which ones are right for you ? Allow me to share a few that have worked for me. Please be mindful that you have to want these things for it to work. It all starts in the mind, so leave the skepticism at the door if you truly want these techniques to work for you.

"I am that I am."

This one sounds silly as hell but it works ! You do this one to take your mind away from a current situation. For example : A co-worker is trying his/her best to piss you off with unneccesary drama. You know you can't lash out on this person unless your just dying to lose your job. So you head back to your cubicle, close your eyes and in your head say : "I am that I am,that I am, that I am, that I am" faster and faster and faster until it sounds rhythmic like your humming something. Now inhale deeply and open your eyes. The negative thought that made you want to punch your co-worker in the face is now gone yayyyy, no unemployment line for you !

Like many other meditation techniques,the last technique I spoke about was simply to take your mind off of a situation. Please don't forget a situation you haven't addressed doesn't conveniently go away. This technique will only help lead your mind away from thoughts that can lead you into a state of depression,anger,insanity etc.

The next technique I will show you is A LOT more complicated but it has some serious benefits. It  clears the "blockages" in your chakra to get them moving again, increases your lung capacity,attention span and bridges the gap between your physical body & what the egyptians called "ka" (your spiritual body).

The Egyptian Christic Pranayamas

ATTENTION LADIES : it is done the opposite way for you !  Where you see left replace it with right and vice versa. Oh and its not to be done while your menstruating.

1. The chest, neck, and head should be in a straight or vertical line. Do not lean your body to the front, to the back or to one side. The palms of the hands should rest on your legs in a very natural position.

2. The mind of the disciple should be directed towards his Innermost, his Divine Mother, loving her, adoring her.

3. Close your eyes so that the matters from the physical world do not distract you.

4. Cover or close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Mentally vocalize the mantra “TON.” At the same time inhale slowly through the cavity of your left nostril.

5. Now, close the left nostril with the index finger of your right hand. Hold your breath; retain your breath. Mentally send the Prana to the temple of Ephesus (the Chakra situated in the coccyx, the small bone at the lower extremity of the spinal column) in order to awaken the Kundalini and mentally pronounce the mantra “SA.”

6. Now exhale slowly from the right nostril mentally vocalizing the mantra “HAM.”

7. Now close the left nostril with your index finger.

8. Inhale the life, the Prana, through the right nostril mentally vocalizing the mantra “TON.” Close both of your nostrils with your index finger and your thumb and retain the breath. Mentally vocalize the mantra “RA.” Send the Prana to the magnetic center of the coccyx in order to awaken the Kundalini.

9. Exhale slowly through the left nostril mentally vocalizing the mantra “HAM.”

10. This constitutes one complete Pranayama.

11. Repeat this complete process six times (twice a day at dusk and dawn).

Meditation is the key to inner peace and I can tell you that from experience. I'll admit I have a hot temper, I am QUICK to anger sometimes...but since I started meditating life has been a lot easier. Things that used to get me upset I can care less about now and wouldn't even spend energy dwelling on it . The days I get stumped doing a design or fall victim to the dreaded writers block I just take time out to meditate and it's like an instant cure. When I am lazy and don't meditate my mind runs rampant, its like a child that does what it wants and we all know what happens to children with no discipline. Meditation disciplines your mind to make better use of all that energy we carry, it makes for a more productive human being, so I encourage you to start meditating TODAY.