Kidz 'R EViL
"digital dopamine"


bigger than a #BLOG smaller than a #MAGAZINE more exclusive than a #CULT.


Ever had the feeling that everyone is talking about you ? You see a bunch of fingers pointing at you followed by the "hissing" of folks whispering about that outfit your wearing ? Paranoia much ? Chances are NOBODY is talking about you nor does anyone really give a fxck. Take time to think about why we #NeverTrust and you will find out they are all fear based internal issues that we carry. We create our own issues but with #trust,willpower & self confidence we can solve these problems that we attract.

We all like to feel like we are merely the center of attention, life of the party etc. when we are the center of our OWN attention.

We have become so self absorbed that we view the opinions and general statements of others as a DIRECT assault against our character. We trust in celebrities and government officials we never met but we #NeverTrust the ones we know...some way of life...

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