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Survival of the fittest


The "industry" (whatever that is) is a funny place. Its almost like an alternate dimension, some bizarros world shxt where right is wrong and wrong is right. Obviously this confuses many of the young ones (including myself) entering the "industry" and it could be a nerve wracking process to adjust to it. Let me tell you, your not alone. If you felt this new world you have stepped into is full of shady characters, then the force is strong with you young jedi.

There are shady people EVERYWHERE but dont let the shade dim your light. Think positive & you will attract positive (yeah its that simple).

OH ! Lets not forget the golden rule : "take responsibility for your own actions because you attract what you carry." Wow that was deep did you catch that ? Yeah you did because your an enlightened individual and your not afraid to read things twice for comprehension. Right ? Yeah you rock dude ! You can work towards (your own path to) success by following these rules.

1) Never dumb it down.

2) Be humble

3) Do not force growth.

Dumb it down ?

Alot of artist feel the need to dumb their content down because they either do not want to lose their following or they don't want to step on anyones toes. This makes for a very respectable character but it may also make for a very complacent one. Understand this YOUR success is the start of anothers mans e-n-d. For new life to spring forth in the industry someone's career will die. Its sad but tis' life.

Do you think the lion asks the gazelle in a timid manner "please roll over and allow me to eat you. Make this easy on me I have a family of 3 to feed." No. They don't.

The lion sees its prey and it bolts after it with fierce determination as the gazelle runs for dear life. It does not make life any easier on the lion and the same holds true for you. You will step on toes in the industry,in life,in general. This does not and should not stop you from :

Being humble

Always stay level headed & be competitive without becoming envious. The spirit of competition compells us to grow as individuals. Tell yourself your doing good but theres someone out there doing better. This "person" is your competition and the benchmark you have to pass to stay current. I personally follow this thought process to stop me from being cocky & complacent. Believing that your the greatest in your field you might as well buy your casket now because you WILL be someones lunch. Humble yourself, learn from your mistakes, listen to the advice of colleagues and elders and figure out how to apply said advice while remaining true to yourself.

Never force growth

With all your experiences and tips you will receive on how to build yourself up into this messiah of your industry ignore half of it. Why should you ? Im going to tell you be patient goshhhh :-). You must ignore some of that advice because sometimes folks give advice based on their own internal doubts,failures etc.

You do not share the same path as the next man so observe the advice your given and know which does not apply to your life. Excercise your wisdom.

If you force yourself to mature instead of gradually building yourself up to what you need to be you will collapse mentally, look at Lindsay Lohan. Okay bad example don't look at Lindsay she's a fuck up, and a coke head. What I should've said is look at great artist like Kanye West who's external pressures caused them to collapse publicly once or twice. Don't let the pressures of growth get to you. Smoke some weed or something and relaaxxx. If you have read through this ridiculously long article im sure you have great things ahead of you and those who help themself benefit the most. Trust your instincts and GodSpeed ^_^

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