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The Backup Plan

Name one thing that everyone has but few complete ? Goals. Long term goals, short term goals, realistic and not so realistic goals, we have them in abundance but how many of those goals come true for us ? Should we prioritize all of our dreams & aspirations ? You bet your ass you should !

Every great plan has a better backup plan

Why ? Because not everything goes according to plan and if it does you should be worried. Very worried. The backup plan helps serve the purpose of creating flexibility in your life cause if your gonna put all your eggs into one basket you sure as hell better hope it's one sturdy basket.

The key to establishing a good backup plan

Analyze your life and ask yourself the questions that intimidate every dreamer : "is what I'm doing working for me now ? Where do I see myself with this 10 years down the line ? Am I working towards that goal ?". It helps put your life into perspective, trust me I have done it to myself and my clients and I can tell you with confidence : It's better to ACCEPT it and make changes than to DENY it and be wrong and strong because of pride.

"You know what I noticed, becoming a doctor or lawyer is a lot like becoming a rapper. Check it, almost everyone at one point of time in their life wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, rapper etc. The problem is only a select few actually want to do the work to get there. In my college years I learned that most give up when they see they have to do more then your average janitor to become that doctor, lawyer or rapper. A lot of time is wasted on this dream and by the time you realize your dream isn't going to happen 'til your late 20s or 30s you end up trying to go back to school for another degree. So why do you need to have a backup plan ?" -- Terrence Terrestrial

The Backup Plan

An effective backup plan is one that helps remove the flaws of the original idea and supplement it's strengths. Terrence Terrestrial provided a great example of the rapper Vs. the doctor. A symbolism for unrealistic and realistic goals we have in life. You dream of being an awesome rapper going on tour, making history and having fun doing it. You have the talent and ambition and your ready for the recognition. Now stop RIGHT THERE. What can you do NOW to establish your dreams ? Whats your budget looking like ? You know you need money for equipment, studio time, & liquor right ? How can you finance your career ? A job. Ughh the dreaded "J" word. Yeah boys & gals it costs money to make your dreams a reality ! Did you factor a job into the equation ? Hopefully you did because we all need realistic goals to compliment our dreams ! That's the backup plan in this example, or better yet lets call it the supplemental plan.

Follow these examples & I can almost guarantee you will see some sort of success in your life whether its the completion of short term goals or the fulfillment of long term dreams. Now go out and get some goals accomplished ! Godspeed young Jedi.

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