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The Return of Retro Gaming


Sometimes as I pick up my Xbox controller I think to myself "God I miss the 90's". I miss the crack heads running around NY screaming and itching with joy but most of all I missed how games were. Remember how it felt to go by a friends house and play NES till your eyes bled ? Games sure weren't as complicated as they are today, and best of all they were fun. Lately we are seeing the return of retro titles & new franchises that play homage to the times of Bazooka bubble gum & saturday morning cartoons. From Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Bionic Commando : Rearmed we are seeing the return of the 16 bit era (with an HD twist).

The Return Of Originality

Personally im glad to see this happen to video games, Im getting tired of all these Call Of Duty & Gears of war clones. The thing about retro games that set them apart from our current generation is the originality. Back then you had to do more with less, & this state of mind produced the cult classics we know and love like Super Mario Brothers.

Creative Impact

Ironic that something as simple as two itallian brothers has more impact than some of our brand new HD fueled video games. NES was composed of games that literally used only two buttons, but they still managed to be fun. Take Street Fighter for example : anyone who had played Street Fighter as a kid KNOWS how to do a Hadoken lol. You can play as Ken & Ryu in every version of Street Fighter and not feel out the loop. Its damn near hardwired into our brain. Why ? Because it was fun & more important, it was simple.

Old + New = Something different

Some would say this goes against the progression of video games but I think its actually doing the exact opposite. Its forcing developers to re-think old concepts with new technology.

What do you think of the return of retro influenced video games ? Some will argue that its a waste of time others really appreciate the sense of nostalgia. But what do you think ? Yay or nay ?