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This ain't just twitter

This isn't "just twitter" anymore people. You can't just hop up onto your digital pedestal and spew nonsense without backlash. Twitter is now more just a social platform for updates on what you had for lunch or your random musings. Well, yeah it still is, but the point is twitter is more powerful than ever. We've seen Paula Deen's empire fall because of twitter, we've seen people organize and rally for justice for Trayvon Martin on twitter. Twitter has evolved into a political, social, human rights machine and it's only getting stronger. We no longer care about twitter personas, nor do we believe your tweets are only entertainment, not anymore. Not when the world is paying attention and hanging on to every single word. You aren't a parody account, nor a stand up comedian you do not get a pass, your aren't "different in real life". To the people of the world twitter is an extension of your true self. With the ever-growing fame of "Black Twitter" we are seeing groups of concerned digital individuals swaying the political and entertainment tones swiftly. Twitter is now a living breathing thing that we created. So, tweet carefully. #thisaintjusttwitter


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