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Zodiac Facts

Through the rise of brands like @zodiacfacts & online horoscopes, a lot of us are getting more in tune with our astrological signs. But have you noticed many horoscopes give the same "facts" for multiple signs ? This is because the zodiac and your astrological chart goes far deeper than the month your born...

The Ascendant, Sun, and Moon are the three most important factors in an astrological chart. They represent our soul, conscious ego, and subconscious habits or complexes.

The combination of your ascendant,sun and moon sign in addition to the environment in which you are born into is what makes you who you are.

I mean it would be pretty foolish to think everyone born in the same month share the same traits (major side eye to @zodiacfacts)

The Moon sign

represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious. All your instincts and basic desires as well as "gut feelings" (intuition) are ruled by the moon sign. Like the moon there are two sides to our personality : the light side of the moon and the dark side. The light side of the moon represents the "face" of our ego which is apparent to ourselves and others when we socialize with them. Think of it as our behavior patterns that our friends know us by and love us for lol. The dark side of the moon well...the parts of our character often hidden from others and even ourself. This is the side of our personality we didn't even know existed to begin with !

The Sun Sign

calculated by the position of the Sun in the month your born and is the majority of horoscopes use to "define" people. It represents your consciousness (the 3% of our mind that is dominated/suffocated by the 97% of our ego). Where your moon sign makes you reactive the sun sign is PROactive. Its what makes us question life and our actions in order to find out who we REALLY are on the inside, after all the SUN shines light on the MOON. The sun sign is THE most important aspect of our astrological chart as it determines the creative talents given to you to fulfill ones destiny & nourish our soul.

The Ascendant (or rising sign)

is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others for the first time. It controls our natural reaction to new people and environments and how we adapt to the these situations. At first glance others relate to you based on your ascending sign. P.S. you can google your ascendant sign and find out what is its influence on your life, it can help you understand how to network with & engage new people.

The Ascendant represents the striving of the soul to grow, evolve, and transcend its own conditioning and limitations which present in the form of the ego, or little self.

At the time we are born the alignment of the planets and the energy they radiate leaves a permanent imprint on our lives. They not only affect our PHYSICAL features but our mental capacity as well. It is the combination of these cosmic energies & the environment in which we are raised is what makes us who we are. I will go more in depth on the planets and their influence but im sure your more interested in finding out your astrological chart right ? First you must find out the time date and location of your birth, then you can leave a comment here or send me an email to with the subject "Astro chart" and I will do it for you ^_^.