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Hip Hop: Influential Or Under The Influence? Keisha, Mary, Molly


Hip-hop notoriously glamorized the wrong things. Let me repeat that again for people who don't get it, "Hip-hop notoriously glamorized the wrong things." Hustling, violence, misogyny, and now drug abuse. I can remember when songs came with a lesson, the pitfalls of hugging the block, or gun violence, or not uplifting women. Since life imitates art, we've seen the pitfalls of the aforementioned. Dope fiends were always frowned upon, especially noted as the dark side of the hustle. Witnessing your own people strung out in result of you trying to make a few dollars. Hip-Hop today barely tell these tales. We are now privy to the world of Keisha, Mary and Molly...

When I started this series I wanted to focus on the main idea, "under the influence". Hip-Hop has been infiltrated and has now become heavily sedated. Weed is no longer the only uplifting drug of choice. Drugs like lean, cocaine, and now ecstasy are being heavily pumped through your speakers. Is this our now our culture ? Heavily sedated, mind numbing, dance music ?

Hip-Hop has now taken on a form of recreation we would never promote. We are now in raves, mosh-pits, and project x type parties more than before. The culture of hip-hop has morphed into a being that we weren't all to familiar with. Now, I know some people will say, "people use drugs all the time" and I agree, but the PROMOTION of these dangerous drugs which are abused by are youth scares me. More and more young people are being heavily influenced by their favorite artist, of flavor of the month, to try new things. Prevalent drug abuse was never the agenda of hip-hop and now it is. The word "molly" is now a buzz word, and in a lot of your favorite tracks right now. Open your mind and think about it, shit google it if you have to. Just don't take it at face value. Hip-Hop you've been drugged. Keep it locked for my final thoughts in Part 4

"Suicide doors just in case I hate living"