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Kidz 'R Evil Presents: A Conversation With... Rvdical The Kid

At Kidz 'R Evil we are all about reinventing the norm.  Interviews are very static, with the same old boring questions as the last interview.  We have decided to change that.  With our "A Conversation With..." series, we hope to shy away from the formalities of standard interviews and move towards a more casual environment.  Kicking off our "A Conversation With..." series is a conversation with Rvidical The Kid, a twenty-something up-and-coming producer who's burst on the scene with a combination of extreme talent and chance encounters.  This is also his first interview ever, so we hope you enjoy it.

Dave: How’s it going Rvdical?

Rvdical: Lol chilling in Florida right now mayne! Working on a mix and enjoying the view.

D: That sounds awesome. First off, congrats on your spot on the Crack Beetz EP that dropped yesterday. Releasing through Do Androids Dance is pretty big.

R: Haha yea man Blaise from Crack Beetz is awesome he got all the connects.

D: Word word, what's up in Florida? Just enjoying the weather, or are you on your Kanye tip and going to the tropics for musical inspiration?

R: Haha nah man! I’m actually kinda mad I’m here right now cos (sic) I’m missing HudMo’s (Hudson Mohawke) show on the 27th in DC.

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D: Damn that sucks, I might have to check that one out myself. Since we're on the topic, are you a big Hudson Mohawke fan?

R: Huge fan. He inspires me a lot not to make the kind of music he makes but to make whatever music I want. To be as weird as I want to be. When you hear his songs on butter or satin panthers you can tell he stood up and made whatever he wanted to regardless of what was "in" at the moment and I respect that a lot. Plus his music is super cool and victorious makes me wanna do...wait for it...Radical things.

D: Haha, my sources told me you told a lot of corny jokes.

R: Lmao I don’t know what you are talking about.

D: What else is Rvdical The Kid bumping right now?

R: humm *scrolls through ipod* bumping that new Supreme Laziness tape with Kaytra (Kaytranada) and Louis P, some Stromae, one of my fav artists of all time you should check him up, and also had to go back to RATATAT's LP 4 it’s been a minute.

D: Nice selection dude. But now on to the more personal stuff. What's your musical background?

R: Well I was a very shitty kid and thanks to that I have almost none. My parents forced me to take piano lessons which I stopped after a month haha but of course you know just like in every household music is regularly I grew up listening to artists like Boney M, ABBA, Kenny rogers, Elton john, Céline Dion and so forth, but I would be lying if I said that has influenced me in any way haha.

D: That selection is rather strange given your ethnic background (which I will leave out because I know you like to keep your air of mystery), any particular reason for that?

R: There is no particular reason it’s just what I grew up on...of course there are a lot of other artists that I failed to mention like Angelique Kidjo, Fela Kuti, King sunny Ade, etc.

D: The reason I was asking is because I know a lot of parents censor the music their kids listen to. I know I wasn't allowed to listen to hip-hop for a very long time, so I was wondering if you had a similar experience?

R: Oh yea definitely but to be honest I wasn’t really into music as a child so censoring the music I listened wasn't that big of a deal to my parents since I listened to close to none... lol, other than what they played in the house.

D: When did you decide that you wanted to make music?

R: It was right after high school I believe.

D: And were you still overseas at this point?

R: Yessir.

It’s about the music for me, I always just wanted people to enjoy my music it’s not about my image.

D: Did coming to the states have any effect on your music at all?

R: Of course, I found out about a lot of amazing musicians and realized I was complete crap that helped me put in more effort.

D: Do you like living in the states, you reside in the Baltimore area currently correct?

R: I like it here just not where I live right now haha and yes I reside in Baltimore. But Baltimore it’self is a beautiful place man, I know people like hating on it

D: Definitely, I love it out there as well. And you got to meet cool people like yours truly haha! Any local artists you're partial to?

R: Haha, I really like eu-IV he is the homie and MisterMack who I collab with a lot... got some news and new music coming up with him very soon.  Can’t forget Tek.Lun and Lindsay Lowend as well.

D: Dope, for the audiophiles out there who may be wondering, what software(s) do you use?

R: I use Propellerhead Reason but right now I’m transitioning to Ableton. It’s pretty challenging but it’s a lot of fun seeing the similarities in both softwares and the differences in their approach to music production

D: Any particular reason for the switch?

R: I Just wanted to try a different workflow see if it could inspire differently, and also Reason tends to overcomplicate things.

D: How so?

R: It just has a really round about way of doing certain things in my opinion. A lot of things are really DIY and it’s a hassle.

D: You kinda popped on to the scene randomly, from barely getting a 100 plays to getting 100K plays, how did that happen?

R: It’s really crazy man... A lot of things were just well aligned and worked in my favor... Meeting Royal, getting in touch with MisterMack working on the track together, teaming up with the homies in Flow Fi and getting played on Soulection radio and reposted on their Soundcloud all played a part.

D: As stated earlier, you keep your name, identity, and any semi-personal information a secret, how come?

R: It’s about the music for me, I always just wanted people to enjoy my music it’s not about my image. I won’t necessarily go out of my way to cover my face in pictures and stuff like some do but I won’t go out of my way to show it either lol. I just want to release music and present it in a nice way to the audience.

D: Word, I can dig that. Is it weird when people meet you in person though?

R: Haha yes it is. Cos people thought I was lil white kid at first. So when I’m like "Hey I’m Rvdical" They are like "What?!" haha.

D: Lol lil white kids are running your genre right now haha.

R: Lmao Cashmere Cat, Lindsay Lowend, but not really lol.  I dont make their kind of music.

D: How would you describe your music then?

R: Frankly I don't really know because I just make whatever I want but I think one thing that will always standout in my music is my drums. I love experimenting with drums from different cultures. Like the eastern drums on "rain down on me" or even the eastern sample on Lord Bills.

D: What can we expect from Rvdical in the future, you've done some great things so far in 2014, is this just the tip of the iceberg?

R: Yeaa man! I’m working on a little solo project right now. As I said earlier I have some stuff coming with MisterMack hand a lot of other exciting things!

D: Nice dude, sounds like you got a hell of a 2014 lined up. Thanks a lot for taking the time out to talk to us, enjoy that sun and beach bro!

R: Yeaaaaa man!  Thanks for having me, and shoutout to the Kidz’R Evil team as well!

If you want to keep up with Rvidical the Kid, check out his social media: