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Neako "Ess Ess" review


“Ess Ess” plays as a free prelude to New Jersey hip-hop artist/producer Neako’s debut album “These are the times”

neako AO


The artwork is the eyes to a mixtape soul, and “Ess Ess” silently reveals all as Neako hand clutches a Styrofoam cup and a blunt. The golden overlay has a trippy effect that spreads across the cover, the hexagon patterned background, and hipsterish floral pattern at the bottom adds some extra gloss and flair. The Rolex is an interesting factor to the cover showing his desire for the finer things. Money, drugs, and woman are topics that this project revolves around so the cover almost perfectly depicts what you’re in store for.


Neako treats each song as a glimpse into his fast-paced lifestyle. Like previously mentioned “Ess Ess” revolves around Drugs, Woman, and Money but without becoming overbearingly repetitive. Various flows and delivery keep listeners entertained. It does lack depth that leaves a void, after all the substance abuse, sex, and partying what else do you offer?


This is where “Ess Ess” truly shines. The trillwave-esque sound brings a smooth atmosphere fitting Neako’s laidback-ness. He doesn’t explore much outside of this realm, he occasionally experiments with a more up-tempo sound, but even then the mellow ambience isn’t lost.


A smooth start and an even smoother finish.


Some albums are created surely to be enjoyed, and I think this is one of them. “Ess Ess” isn’t for someone looking to obtain insight on an artist views on the world, or their inner most demons. Neako does bring up his father passing away, but it isn’t delved into. Maybe on the album.


Neako keeps things fun-filled and pleasant. Smoke, drink, party, almost any kind of social activity has a soundtrack now.

neako TBT

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