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RetcH "Delinquents & Degenerates" Album Review


Delinquents & Degenerates is the 4th project by New Jersey-based hip hop artist, RetcH aka Retchy P. The album is currently available for free stream and download via Datpiff.

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While relatively calm, Delinquents & Degenerates' album cover exudes an ominous aura that complements the overall sound of the project. The 3rd-person top-view angle of the shot makes RetcH appear upside-down. Could this be alluding to the rebellious attitude of delinquents and degenerates? RetcH's name is nowhere to be found; a respectable move that allows the art to be a purely captured moment in time. Even the marijuana-fied album title looks natural. With all the weed talk that goes on in the album, how could it be left off the cover? Adding to the package is 14 full tracks with original beats and not too many features to drown out the main artist. This is as clean-cut as any free indie-rap album can get.


RetcH is a technically-sound rapper with a penchant for Southern style flows. No frills, straight to the point with subjects. It isn't difficult to understand what he's talking about. There aren't too many switch ups in style so the lyrics can get predictable and formulaic after a while. Featured emcees such as Da$h and Ant of A$AP Mob have similar styles as RetcH but different voices so there is a slight hint of diversity.


Ranging from pulsating trap beats to trillwave instrumentals, the production on D&D does just enough to get the job done. These sounds have been the talk of the town in the hip hop scene, so it's definitely hot for the current climate. Things even get experimental with weird melodic pitches and warped sampled vocals. RetcH definitely had specific sounds in mind during the beat selection process and they match his flow well. However, just like the songwriting, these beats get predictable as the album plays.


Nothing felt like a surprise or thrown in randomly. While predictable, this album can be played from beginning to end and you wouldn't even be able to tell when each track starts or finishes.


D&D is a niche album. Be prepared to deal with three main ideas presented in almost every song: women, weed and the inner-city struggle. While things can get ignorant, RetcH always seems to be able to squeeze in a few lines about a locked up homie or his hunger to get his family out the hood here and there. The subject matter is extremely repetitive to the point where tracks that don't execute the ideas as well as others just end up as filler.


RetcH has the East/South hybrid swagger down to the finest detail. However, most listeners have heard this before and will be hard-pressed to find something original about his style. Overall comfortable performance.

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