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The state of hip-hop

A lot of people seem to be complaining about the current state of music & Hip-Hop in particular. I find Hip-Hop to actually be in a great place right now. There is an incredible resurgence of real lyricism, charisma & creativity taking place presently.

Everyone complains about how "Hip-Hop is dead" and blah blah blah but those who say it's dead are either in denial, can't use the internet, or are just too lazy to go search for that real music they claim is missing.

It might also stem from the fact that people haven't been able to take their perception of Hip-Hop out of that tiny personal box they've stuffed it in. Hip-hop has gone past simply music, and it actually always has. Everything is the same just with a very different look. The guys who would be doing graffitti are now graphic designers. The people who would be writing for The Source or Word Up have now started their own websites to voice their opinions such as the site you're reading this on right now.

So how do you feel about the state of hip hop ? Is it dead ? Or has hip hop taken on a totally new meaning ?