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What's a sell out ?


We are never going to stop tearing down our favorite rappers. We have to criticize them every chance we get and we can't even help it either. Nothing will ever be good enough, and when it is good, we want it to be better.

Selling out in rap is nothing new. Hammer did it well in the 90's, so well in fact that we ruined him.

It's not cool to have your own cartoon or have cards with your face inside cereal boxes to make millions of dollars (see video below). Pop rap ? Who wants that ? Or least that's how it used to be.

Enter Nicki Minaj. She went from spitting in cyphers to singing in outer space. I've never really fist pumped to a rap song before (Pitbull doesn't count), but I can tell you I didn't like it. I get it, though. That David Guetta, Ke$ha, Katy Perry sound is the new wave and people are ready for the ride. Hip hop house is the new autotune. (When will Hov shut this down?)

We got upset with Nicki. She wasn't making music for us anymore. She was making hits for those little girls in the princess dresses from across the pond. Too concerned with her MAC contract and Pepsi deal to make that music that made us tolerate her in the first place. If she didn't release "Beez in the Trap" with 2 Chainz, I think we would have written her off altogether. With her new album, Pink Friday 2: Roman Reloaded, which released this past Tuesday, we will see how she does.

Who would have taken her spot? I don't know, but that Iggy Azalea chick is coming. A white chick from Australia who raps like she lived next door to Juicy J her whole life. Same concept as Nicki when she first came out -- leggings, pink lipstick, the raunchiness. Only thing missing is Aussie ass shots. I like her songs though. I'll bump "Murda Bizness" with T.I. or "Pu$$y" over "Starships" any day.

Is there a new low that hip hop has hit? Are we selling out or selling up? With Hotel BPM opening in Brooklyn -- complete with issues of The Source and Biggie tracks -- is it genius or too gimmicky? I just don't know what to think of hip hop anymore. I'm down for innovation and change -- just not this way.