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wtf is a femcee ?


Main Entry: femcee Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): fem·ceed; fem·cee·ing

Date: 1997

intransitive verb : to act as master of ceremonies whilst sliding down a stripper poll. To continually identify yourself as a sexual object via your rhymes.

An emcee is an emcee ; male or female it doesn't matter. A femcee is a whole different breed of artistry. Its porn in its audible form. Basic barbie bxtch empowerment at its best. I vote to make femcee is a derrogatory term for female rappers in general if your with me say "I" *crickets*. Women have proven that they are more than capable of transcending this title i.e. Mc Lyte, Da brat etc. & those women sold talent not sex & materialsm. Sound familiar ? Probably not...last time we had a female rapper without an ass, tits & bad bitch gimmick was The Real Roxanne.

"im the shit bitch i get rich bitch, I never set a nigga up cuz I get quick...gwap." -- Kash Money