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Yoh Issue(s) : We Care too Much

We care too much. Who are we ? Society. What do we care too much about ? Celebrities. It’s almost disgusting the way people idolize, worship, and dote over these predominantly richer, more famous human beings. We lust to know their personal business as if it gives us some kind of pleasure. The more we know the closer we feel to them, the unreachable, the un-touchable, the unrelatable, and yet we continue to almost know them. Especially when it comes to rappers, we care more about their lifestyle than actually ability to rhyme. If you rap about being a sneaker head, then you better have all the latest Jordans and never be caught dead in nothing else. If you rap about weed, then you better have plans to roll up for the rest of your life. Can you imagine if Curren$y quit marijuana? His fan base will go up in smoke. Remember when Cudi said he stopped smoking and drinking? I never seen so many potheads outraged by a man trying to better his life. Mediatakeout feeds us spoonful of rumors that spread around the web like some kind of new STD, one that everyone wants to catch. Just yesterday the internet was set ablaze by the news that Adele will be receiving a special gift from above. Why do we care? Does this child mean we will be receiving Rolling In The Deep pt 2 diaper changing edition? If not then the news should hold the same amount of importance as little Angelica on the block getting knocked up for the third time.

When Drake and Chris Brown were playing hot potato with champagne bottles a few weeks back, the world wanted to know all the details. Every little moment, we couldn’t breathe until we got the full play by play. We shouldn’t care who started it ! You know what mattered ? That Australian woman getting the surprise of her life when she had to get those stitches in her head because some “rappers” decided that Rihanna’s holy grail of a box was worthy of putting a plethora of people at risk.

Reality T.V has only amplified the sickness by giving us a direct transmission into the lives of these people. We get to watch them in their natural habitat, it’s getting so bad we aren’t even watching famous people just their housewives. The more drama the better, as if it’s like shooting up another ounce of heroin each time someone fights, we just get higher and higher fiending for more. The news gives us coverage as if it’s more important than the troubles of the world. But there’s nothing quite like twitter.

Twitter is the connection we’ve always wanted with the Celebrities of our dreams. We can join their teams (Throws up team breezy), send them messages until the twitter jail warren comes knocking at your door, and then die the happiest death of all when we realize they decided to follow us.

Getting a follow is almost destiny saying that one day we will be wed in holy matrimony. Have you seen how these Beliber carry on? That’s basically a cult of pre-teens that will drink Kool-Aid concocted by Jim Jones if pop star sensation Justin Beiber asked them too.

They dictate fashion, slang, and even our taste in music, movies, and more. We put them on a pedestal and treat them like a high echelon of human evolution that we all strive to reach for one day.  So what’s my point? What is this rant truly about? Never losing yourself. It’s inevitable, the world somehow revolves around the lives of others that have acquired a level of fame that some of us won’t obtain. The more you idolize them, the more you slowly become a clone to their views, their opinions, their thoughts. This inevitably kills originality. We need original thoughts, dreams, and views to continue to prosper and grow. They came into the world the same way we did, and when they leave we all will end up in a similar place. We care too much about people who don’t care enough about us.