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Black Wall Street (The truth that ain't known)

This is a film that was done about "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Black Wall Street" was a great achievement for African American's people in business and such but was destroyed through hate and envy in 1921 by racially charged extremist. It is very hard to find information on "Black Wall Street" because of the obvious, it's something that doesn't show blacks killing blacks.

What occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma was one of the biggest terror attacks to take place on American soil, but your kids might not ever know about it.

Many black people were killed and "Black Wall Street" was destroyed by hateful anglo saxon extremist.  Those people filled with extreme hate for African American's  pillaged, looted, set fires, and murdered black's for no reason other than hate.  But, I am disgusted that this story isn't common knowledge to everyone and isn't in school history books.

I've just come to the conclusion that if it involves black triumph being taken from them by people filled with extreme prejudice it ain't mainstream worthy.....

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