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Cutty Buddies: Bleach Chapter 544

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

The seeds of jealousy caused by Uryuu Ishida's ascension to Vandenreich monarch successor are starting to grow as Stern Ritter "E", the innocent-looking Bambietta Basterbine releases her sexual frustration by inviting  one of her underlings to her chambers to "do it" with her. Needless to say, she got some cut, literally. After that quickie, we are introduced to a quartet of yet some more adorable female Stern Ritters, all with the prerequisite ridiculous-sounding alliterative names (examples: Giselle Gewelle and Candice Catnipp). Ladies, send your boy a DM if you cosplay as any of these characters (except that young one).


Haschwalth, who is either the most noble or sour of the Stern Ritter bunch, questions his king's motives, coming to the conclusion that he picked Uryuu in order to instigate discord. Such a tactic has forced Uryuu to bow down to Juhabach. It is revealed that Uryuu should have died during Juhabach's purge of mixed-blood Quincies but somehow managed to survive, making him a Quincy that could possibly surpass "The Sealed King" himself. Shout outs to Kubo for clearing up the confusion of why Uryuu was called the last living Quincy.


Meanwhile, the story shifts to some random location known as the Negal Ruins, where Orihime, Sado and that crafty Urahara are creating something that suspiciously looks like the Stern Ritter's bankai-stealing medallions. We're still not sure how they got out of that sticky situation in Hueco Mundo, though it is highly implied that Grimmjow helped out and will be making his triumphant return soon.


Tite Kubo's most successful manga series to date is the action-packed supernatural fantasy tale, Bleach. In this world, Soul Reapers aka Shinigami guide spirits of the dead to a purgatory-esque land known as Soul Society. Corrupted wandering souls, the monstrous Hollows are hunted down by the Shinigami while spiritually-aware humans known as the Quincy are engaged in a conflict with the Shinigami that threatens the balance of the universe. The protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, quite possibly the wildcard of all wildcards, could be the key to ending the war. In short, Bleach is full of bloody sword-play, many interesting characters with some of the most unusual abilities and powers in manga history and fights on the scale of Dragonball Z bouts.


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