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Crop Circles & The Energy Crisis

Crop circles are weird and have been shrouded by mystery ever since we first stumbled upon them. What was originally figured to be a host through plenty of scientific debunking ending up being a very real phenomenon. How can someone bend over a stalk of grass perfectly without breaking it forming a mathematically perfect design OVER NIGHT ? Makes no sense but people bought it. They listened to every theory debunking it such as bored teenagers making these patterns over night. A moment of silence for the assholes that believed that lame explanation


Ok. moment of silence over.

Through independent scientific research we actually found out that these patters drawn into the earth were found on everything to religious symbols and inscribed on Mayan and Egyptian temples. They were burned into the temple of Osiris at a molecular level meaning fire wasn't used to carve the image into stone. If your thinking what im thinking "wtf ?!" is the first thing that comes to mind. How is this even possible ?

Scientists went a little deeper and used the science of geometry to see what could be the purpose of the designs of these crop circles and they turned out to be a mathematic formula to harness the actual energy of the planet ! You know what that means folks ? Free energy for all of us ! Its theorized that whatever drew these symbols want us as a race to catch up to them in terms of technology by incorporating these formulas into our technology. The problem with that is if we start using these formulas (which we very well can) we will have little to no need for oil. As you can tell this spells bad news for the oil companies. These crop circles were debunked as a mere hoax not only to take our eyes off the possibility of extraterrestrial life but also our current issue...


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