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Crysis 3 review

The Crysis series brought a lot to the table since its debut. It introduced to guerrilla styled combat that rivaled that of games of Farcry with graphics that required you to build damn near a super computer ! Beneath all the eye candy was a game that was truly revolutionary in combat and graphic wizardry and Crysis 3 doesn't disappoint. Set a couple of years after Crysis 2, we see the return to New York after its been ravaged by the hostile alien race known as the Ceph. Things are different this time...this is a New York that has been taken back by nature. This is a New York filled with vines, wild grass and lush has now become the forest that it once was before the skyscrapers and subways that it is known for. This creates an interesting playground for the guerrilla styled warfare the game has become known for. The forest like vegetation builds tension when you have swarms of fast-moving aliens stalking you in the grass. You see a lot of variety in the environments allowing for multiple play styles and the new weapons help add to the variety of gameplay.

"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter." - Ernest Hemingway

You are the hunter. With the addition of the predator bow they made this VERY clear ! Enemies being shot down in utter silence by the predator bow puts such an intense fear in their heart and put enjoyment in mines


Ok that came off as creepy but you know what I meant ! The A.I. reacts in an almost human like manner as you pick off their squad one by one with the bow. You hear chatter such as "FUCK ! We're being hunted !" and that shxt will have you feeling like Rambo in a heartbeat. Another addition to the arsenal is the typhoon. We're talking about a fully automatic gun that holds over 500 rounds in a clip and you can go threw it like a 30 round clip ! Anything standing in the way of that gets chewed up in seconds...totally badass !

in comparison to the rest of the series it has the BEST pacing and ties up most of the loose ends to the story.

The sound and graphics are even better this time around and the game features subtle improvements to the gameplay. You know what to expect, like I said earlier it's a feast for the eyes. If only I could say the same about the story. I honestly hated the story of Crysis. Well maybe hate is a strong word I just always thought the story felt like it was a last-minute addition to the game. Crysis always came off as a tech demo to show off Crytek's technical wizardry. However in comparison to the rest of the series it has the BEST pacing and ties up most of the loose ends to the story. The end though ? Whatever man. I did appreciate the interactive cut scenes but the ending kinda felt like...they're just trying to leave their options open for a Crysis 4.

The multiplayer is pretty cool as well. A definite improvement over Crysis 2 multiplayer, it feels more balanced. Crysis 3 fixes all the shortcomings of the last game but it takes getting used to. For me at least. I had my good days and bad days with it, your strategy for dealing with other nano suits ain't like call of duty. You can maneuver the environments and attack from high and low positions and the enemy can cloak. It definitely takes getting used to because I had plenty moments I cussed uncontrollably because of some random cloaked enemy running up on you. The multiplayer modes are pretty fun especially the new hunter mode. If you played Halo's zombie mode you already know what it is

All in all if you're a fan of the Crysis series definitely go pick this one it up. Be warned though,this isn't Call of Duty it's more tactical than fast paced. If you're a fan of shooters it's a def change of pace and worth playing, check it out !