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HAARP : it ain't a musical instrument

With the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, many have speculated that they were not natural but man made. I know man made earthquakes sounds like something out of a science fiction novel so allow me to break it down for you (if I were to go into detail we would be here all night).

So basically you have a huge satellite thingy that works off of the earths electricity. These waves of energy are shot back down to the earth (think lightning) and then BOOM shit gets crazy, things blow up and total chaos ensues ^_^.

Their are many other applications of HAARP including the fabled "Blue Beam Project". Some say this technology can affect the weather, animals and even control the minds of humans. WTF ? Yes MIND control ! I will get more in detail gradually because it is alot to swallow, just make sure to check the video you will be amazed.

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