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Obito "Game 7 Buzzer Beater" Uchiha: Naruto Chapter 637

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

Naruto Chapter 637, despite its nonsensical conclusion is one of the most epic chapters and a major turn of the tide in the war. The combined might of the Hokages and the Naruto/Sasuke bro-team attempt to prevent Obito Uchiha from performing the very ridiculously over-powered jutsu, the life-resurrecting Rinne Tensei on Madara. This piece of irony is quite brilliant as Madara brought Obito back to life in the past and now he's making Obito do the same to him.


What goes down next is paced like opposing championship NBA players trading off clutch shots. Minato, realizing who was performing Rinne Tensei, pulls yet another trick from the past: the legendary Flying Thunder God Technique. As it turns out, the seal that Minato placed on Obito during that fateful night of Naruto's birth never left; allowing Minato to teleport to Obito and finish him off. In one of the most tragic scenes of this series, the teacher is forced to kill his student.


Obito, after a slick remark about Sasuke's treachery, somehow manages to overwrite Madara's control and casts the seal that allows one to absorb a tailed beast on himself instead of performing Rinne Tensei. How? Because Obito always survives the most near-death situations at this point. The Eye of the Moon plan is now near completion as Obito becomes the 10 tailed beast's Jinchuuriki. This most likely means that all Obito has to do now is cast Tsukiyomi on the moon and it's game over. Ray Allen would be proud. What will the recovered Kage do when they make their inevitable reappearance and will Kakashi come through with one last move?


Masashi Kishimoto's iconic series Naruto follows the tale of the young unlikely prodigy ninja Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become the Hokage, essentially the leader and hero of his village. The story is rich with different cultures of other ninja clans and the evil forces that threaten their existence.



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