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Revelations, Lies and Dwarves: One Piece Chapter 711


Oda hits readers with an overload of unexpected revelations within One Piece’s latest chapter. His previous two week hospitalization hiatus seemed to increase the pace a bit, covering and intertwining the multiple Straw Hat storylines. Chapter starts with Robin’s awakening, kidnapped and surrounded by weapon welding, devil fruit using, and never seen human breast before dwarves. This opens for some humorous dialogue, facial expression, and appreciation of Robin’s often hidden, lovely physique.


The detailing of the dwarves personality and their underground Tontatta Kingdom was reminiscent of the Smurfs (there king is like a hippy Papa Smurf), but way more violent, mischievous, and less azure. She’s eventually released from the Nui Nui fruit (sewing ability) by promising never to reveal the location of the dwarves, who are overly trust worthy, but also demand that she relinquish all weapons or they’ll be doing a cavity check. Much like when they stripped the Marines of their weapons and clothing in chapter 710. Way friskier than Walt Disney dwarf perception, before they get too touchy, a dwarf comes and announces that Robin is to be left alone since she appeared with the Dwarves self-proclamied hero. Usuopp, who was also captured, charming lies for once has gotten them out of one pickle and into a giant jar.

Created by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose body gains the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit, and his diverse crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy explores the ocean in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as One Piece in order to become the next Pirate King.

As I begin to wonder why are these small people, in a hidden country underneath the ground, the setting changes back to the Dressrosa Port City where Zolo finally captures what was presumed to be a sword stealing fairy, but turns out to be a dwarf on a recon mission with information concerning Doflamingo; who’s planning on attacking the Straw Hat ship. The two are forced to team up since in his haste to run from Zolo, the dwarf was blessed with a twisted ankle and must make it back to the Tontatta kingdom immediately, and Zolo Ray Charles sense of direction will take him forever to return to the ship making them a match made in hell. Also you see the dwarf’s ground shattering strength as he takes his misfortune out on the pavement. There’s also a puzzling panel of Sanji running, talking to him-self, wasn't he being captain save a hoe a few chapters back?

With all the shocking truths unveiling and new character introductions- there's no feeling of rush-ness, thanks to the engaging dialogue that smoothed out the transition for all the sporadic stories involved.

There’s a poetically superfluous scene concerning Rebecca the Gladiator and The Toy that’s traveling with Franky. Rebecca stares outside and yells to the toy solider as him and Frank runs pass her foreground, and tearfully confess that she’ll win the tournament so the two can be together. I guess if Krillin can bang an android than a gladiator can make love to a toy. I’m sure that will be further explained in due time.


The chapters closing climatic ending comes from the last page, as Sanji contacts Law via Den Den Mushi, two minutes before Caesar is supposed to be handed over. Who knows how Sanji uncover the truth that Doflamingo didn't step down as a Shichinbuka which was reported in the news, and that he should get off the island immediately. The last panels show a speeding Doflamingo headed for the Tontatta Kingdom and the Marines sending troops toward Law’s “South East Beach” location.


With all the shocking truths unveiling and new character introductions- there's no feeling of rush-ness, thanks to the engaging dialogue that smoothed out the transition for all the sporadic stories involved. Usually with informative chapters you'll find yourself yearning for some action, but this chapter relishes strictly because questions are finally being answered giving us plenty to foreshadow on.  I’m interested with why the dwarfs are plotting a revolution despite wanting to keep their distance from humanity. What happen with Sanji’s lover? Of course with Luffy being in C-block of the tournament, he’ll be fighting in the coming chapters which is exciting in itself. Sadly they’ll be no One Piece next week, a poor time to go on break with fan hitting shit happening all over the place.


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