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Speculation, Foreshadowing and Usher Lyrics: Naruto Chapter 635


Warning: Spoilers ahead...

This week’s Naruto chapter is a lazy eye spinning in all directions, starting with the odd teaming of Orochimaru, Karin, and Suigetsu looking for Tsunade. Her location is uncovered and the 5th Hokage looks like she’s been tongue kissing the grim reaper. Now I’m instantly assuming that Orochimaru is about to put the nail in the coffin, but instead of seeking revenge he utilizes Karin and Suigestsu abilities and heals her; allowing her to heal the rest of the dying Hokages. I love the dialogue (and hilarious facial expressions) between Karin and Suigestu squabbling like siblings and the revelation of Orochimaru’s changed/changing heart (also a poetic side. The windmill metaphor was gold). His speech to Tsunade felt sincere; sadly Jiraiya isn’t alive to see this moment of clarity.


The eye spins in the direction of the battle field. There’s foreshadowing of cracking foundation within team seven. Naruto attempting to strategize the next assault and save the Bijuus, while Sasuke dismisses him completely transfixed on burning down the antiquated system. His plan fails as the black flame from the previous chapter is purged from the 10 tails body. Sai gets some face time confessing his distrust for Sasuke to Sakura, she replies how she’s happy he’s returned and trusts him completely, but there’s a panel of her smiling that Sai takes suspiciously as insincere. It’s a tad bit confusing.  Is Kishimoto insinuating Sakura has doubts or swallows her distrust so she can enjoy the illusion of him returning for the greater good?


Chapter  635 creeps to a close showing 5 healthy looking Kages preparing to rejoin the battle, but before ending the last page is where the lazy eye switches to one more battle field, back to Kakashi and Obito, with the words “pierced” at the bottom of the page; we see a blood spilling image of Kakashi being impaled through the chest by a giant shuriken, his arm electrified by the Chidori is running through Obito’s chest. Once again are we witnessing the death of Kakashi? Obito can of course become transparent, but Kakashi hasn’t mastered that cheat code yet. What was the point of killing him during the Pain saga to bring him back for another heroic death? Our feels aren’t built for this kind of abuse Kishimoto! I rather he had killed Tsunade which was implied, or Choji, or Ten-Ten, anyone but Kakashi. Until next week….


Masashi Kishimoto's iconic series Naruto follows the tale of the young unlikely prodigy ninja Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become the Hokage, essentially the leader and hero of his village. The story is rich with different cultures of other ninja clans and the evil forces that threaten their existence.


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