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Swine Flu 1976 all heard of the infamous swine flu that hit us not to long ago. Our government told us it was this crazy disease & how we need to run out and get vaccinated blah blah blah. As time went on people started to realize more people died of the regular flu than the swine flu. Remember all those "get vaccinated" ad's and highlights on the news ? There was even a beautiful young lady who took the h191 and became crippled because of it. You would be surprised to know the SAME thing happened in 1976. Wtf. Yeah I know nineteen seventy freakin' six !

The beauty about propaganda is it only works if you play into the fear.

The Swine Flu is a tactic used to get people to take the H1N1 vaccine which wont affect you as much as it will affect your children. This is called a "soft kill" which we will discuss later in the depopulation series of articles starring yours truly : Bill Gates. View the vids you will be shocked

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