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The Planets and how they affect us


It is no secret that the planets in our solar system have an effect on us as human beings. For centuries mankind has marveled at the planets and even went as far as to find out their influence on us. The mystery of the planets have lead us to develop and study things such as astrology,astronomy the zodiac etc. Even if you are not a believer of the zodiac its hard to contest the fact that the movement of the other planets affect our own ; through our advancements in science we have more than proved that fact. The Greeks & Romans have molded their God's to fit the "behavioral" patterns of the planets based on their influence. The bible even has multiple references to the Zodiac and closely follows the timeline of the planets movements (The birth and death of the Christ and the 12 disciples). The moon affects our low and high tides in our planets ocean, a humans body is roughly composed of 70% water so it would be ridiculous to think the moon doesn't affect our bodies. The term lunatic breaks down to Lunar-Ticks an accurate description of how the moon influences our mood. You need more proof ? It is no mistake that when our solar system aligned with Aquarius in February 4, 1962 the baby boom,hippie movement and society as a whole went through extreme changes and technical innovations. Aquarius rules innovative ideas, do you see the connection ? Below I have posted excerpts from Samael aun Weor's book titled "The Manual of Practical Magic" discussing the individual planets effect on us.

your kingdom come,your will be done,on EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. --Gospel of Matthew (6:9-13)


Personal strength, vitality and achievement, leadership qualities, power and authority; the need to express oneself; creativity, parenthood, (especially fatherhood), the need for recognition, esteem and personal pride. Ruler of the zodiac sign Leo Can also symbolize the male (as balanced by the woman, the moon).

As a planetary influence, the Sun is related to : High dignitaries, mystical matters, social position, elitist Hierarchy, etc. Governed by Michael.


Inner feeling, moods, habits, the unconscious, nurturing and parenthood (especially motherhood), femininity, home and family life in general, instinctive reactions to life, need for emotional security and safety. Ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer. Ruled by Gabriel.

Related to the Moon: Journeys, manual arts, novelists, liquid-related businesses, matters related with maternity, agriculture, illnesses of the stomach and of the brain, etc.


Mentality, communication, (especially for short distances), thought processes, teaching, schooling and basic education, literary pursuits, the immediate environment or neighborhood, capacity to be logical, detached and rational. Ruler of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Psychologically, Mercury influences the mind and is ruled by Raphael.

Related to intellectualism, journalism, law suits, sciences, trips, medicine, etc. Journalism, intellectualism, businesses, quarrels, journeys and all types of matters related with the Mind.


Relationships and partnerships of all kinds, romantic love, desire for beauty, harmony and co-operation, personal comforts and possessions, the arts, fashions and social life. Ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. The third of the seven rays / planets.

As a planetary influence, is related to Loves, marriages, women, perfumes, music, plastic arts, dramatic arts, poetry. Governed by Uriel.


Urge for action, personal energy and drive, assertiveness and aggression, sexuality and passions. Sport, physical activity and competition. Ruler of the zodiac sign Aries and traditional ruler of the zodiac sign Scorpio.

As a planetary influence, Mars is related to: Wars, military matters, police matters, quarrels, leaders, works related to money, big businesses,matters related with judges, and with tribunals, etc. Governed by Samael


Personal growth and expansion, aspirations, desire for freedom, sense of justice and morality, religion, philosophy, higher education, the law, long distance communication, enterprise, risk taking and gambling. Ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius and traditional ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces.

As a planetary influence, Jupiter is related to: High civil and ecclesiastic military persons, matters related with money, big businesses, matters related with judges and with tribunals, etc. Governed by Zachariel.


Personal limitations and structure, sense of responsibility, ambition, career, authority and hierarchy, serious thought, concern for hard realities of life, capacity for hard work, discipline of self and others, tenacity and trustworthiness, capacity to deal with sickness and difficulties in life. Ruler of the zodiac sign Capricorn and traditional ruler of the zodiac sign Aquarius.

As a planetary influence, Saturn is related to: Matters related with lands, matters related to mines, funerary matters, angels of death, etc.


Rebellion and unconventionality, breaking down of old structures, new ways of thinking and acting, innovation and invention, idealism and progressive thought, clubs, societies,humanitarian organizations, political movements, need to be unique, unusual, desire for individual self expression and independence. Ruler of the zodiac sign Aquarius. Chaldean for Ur = "fire," Anas = "water." The planet of sexuality. Uranus was a Divine King from primeval Atlantis. Uranus reminds us of UR-ANAS, the Primordial Fire and Water. This is equivalent to the establishment of the First Luni-Solar Cult of the Androgynous "IO," in other words, the apparition of the Astrological Chaldean; therefore, Uranus, the Asura-Maya, the First Atlante-an, is factually the first revealer of Sexual Mysteries.


Mysticism, transcendence, psychic impulses, feelings of sensitivity and empathy, care of the sick, the mentally ill, animals, charities, religious institutions, hospitals,prisons,retreat from society, artistic inspiration, spirituality, vulnerability to drugs. Ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces.


Transformation and regeneration of person's life, beginnings and endings of phases of life, sex, death, issues of power and control, revealing hidden secrets, big business, police, detective and secret services, surgery, mining, extremes of wealth and poverty. Ruler of the zodiac sign Scorpio.


Women's independence, climactic changes, native needs to feel loved and nurtured, the reproductive issues of an adult woman, pregnancy and gestation, family bonds and relationships. For some astrologers is the ruler of the zodiac sign Virgo.