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The world before the history books

The world was much different before the history books. In all actuality the history books and religion after the Roman and more importantly the Roman Catholic domination of the world has been tampered with. The roman empire changed the world's history to put them and there accolades at the top and discredit everything before it. They did this to make themselves seem superior and more importantly it was done because they didn't understand the world before but they knew the information was very powerful. The Roman Catholic church actually is a spin-off of the Egyptian church's hierarchy. Ironic or maybe not so ironically the study of Egypt or Egyptology was created by the Roman Catholics. Our ancestors such as the Mayan's and the Dogon tribe in Africa knew things like where the Sirius star system was located, we need advanced telescopes to see it but they knew it because they had the knowledge. We used to have serious knowledge about math and science and how the world is that made us very powerful people but this knowledge has been kept secret to keep the Roman system on top as superior. Best believe people our modern western society is the new greco-roman system. This knowledge continues to remain hidden from us.

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