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U Got Knocked The F*** Out: One Piece Chapter 714

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

The overwhelming amount of story being poured into the latest One Piece arc is becoming a weekly frustration. With each new week, it seems the excitement built up from the previous chapter isn’t allowed to climax since the focus is constantly changing. There’s various stories unfolding and we’re tease with a mere glimpse, a titty without nipple, a leg without  thigh, Megan without the Goods. The tortoise approach in the hare age is becoming tedious Mr. Oda!


One Piece Chapter 714 starts with the microscope covering the least-interesting of the crew members, Nami, Brook, Chopper, along with Momonosuke and what seems to be a battle against 3 unknown Donquixote Family assassins. One, which goes by Jora, resembles Kokoro, gives the impression she’s a Mermaid, possibly the first in the series wielding a devil fruit ability; one very annoying technique that I haven’t completely deciphered, but appears to be of the Paramecia type, using a beam of light that when contacted alters and distorts reality with an artistic pastel coating. She seemed to have zapped the crew members beforehand, giving them all a new, glossy look; hilariously Brook resembles Edvard Munch timeless “Scream”, while Nami could be confused for a Scott Pilgrim love interest. Still not sure of the lasting effects, but Jora zapping the Thousand Sunny was the most interesting aspect of the trite pages. Once again the microscope hurries along, back to the colosseum where Gladiator Ricky wounds drip with disappointment as he denies help from medics, until approached by the arcs heroin Rebecca, whose gentleness strikes a chord with the warrior who instantly flees, teary-eyed, as he reminisces “Rebecca forgive me” and a silhouette that foreshadows their relationship could be a complicated dead-beat father x abandoned daughter cliché. Rebecca seems to be carrying enough baggage to get a VH1 falseality show.


There’s another slight dialogue between block-b winner Bartolomeo and Cavendish, where Barolomeo admits Luffy is his target, and also that they “go way back”. I sigh at what this could ensue based off an unlikely revelation. Speaking of targeting Luffy, the former foe turned admired rival –Bellamy has been given orders to assassinate the rubber man to get back in good graces with Joker. His impression is a stun one while his eyes are full of confliction.


To end all the talk, the tournaments arena is the last setting of the chapter, Luffy riding the famed colosseum’s death god: “the brutal bull”, since Luffy’s reemergence in the second part of the series, he’s had a strong magnetism to animals and befriend them with ease. 21 combatants are thrown from the ring; until the bull runs into the foot of the strongest pirate mercenary Harjruudin. A monstrous giant who punches rival lightning plummet the two with a single bone shattering haymaker. Foolishly, his guard is dropped thinking the puny human couldn’t survive, while a pissed off Luffy emerges uninjured unlike the pull, this influences his anger and adds another raging falcon punch to his growing resume. A single punch sends the giant falling, and all eyes running out their sockets looking upon the armored pirate. In the words of Smokey the prophet *look at the title*

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