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Uryuu.O.E.N.O: Bleach Chapter 543

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

Went from weakling to Quincy King....Uryuu.O.E.N.O Jugo's acting selfless but he's actually jealous....Uryuu.O.E.N.O What kind of name is Mask De Masculine? I.O.E.N.O Bg9? Cang Du? Askin Nakk Le Var? Kubo.E.N.O


Just as Ichigo gained his real powers, Juhabach (side note: are they really officially spelling his name "Yhwach"?) went ahead and made Uryuu the successor to the Quincy throne along with what is sure to be yet another outstanding power upgrade. His reasoning: that Uryuu is the last living Quincy, which doesn't make any sense since Ryuuken is still alive (or is he?). There is obviously some ridiculous level of potential in Uryuu and I'm expecting him to become a whole different beast the next time we see him in the panels. Yet again, there is still speculation that Uryuu is playing double agent. While Kishimoto is over there recovering and setting up the inevitable Naruto vs. Sasuke fight, Kubo is definitely preparing what is sure to be an epic clash of rivals in Ichigo vs. Uryuu.


After that shocking revelation to the entire Vandenreich army, the other Stern Ritter captains get introduced in one of the most rushed manners I've ever seen in a manga. The names and designs of the Espada and Vizoreds were much more memorable in comparison. Fortunately, Uryuu's upgrade ceremony was taken off-screen, as there are several other characters that still need to resolve their training in the coming chapters.


Tite Kubo's most successful manga series to date is the action-packed supernatural fantasy tale, Bleach. In this world, Soul Reapers aka Shinigami guide spirits of the dead to a purgatory-esque land known as Soul Society. Corrupted wandering souls, the monstrous Hollows are hunted down by the Shinigami while spiritually-aware humans known as the Quincy are engaged in a conflict with the Shinigami that threatens the balance of the universe. The protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, quite possibly the wildcard of all wildcards, could be the key to ending the war. In short, Bleach is full of bloody sword-play, many interesting characters with some of the most unique abilities and powers in manga history and fights on the scale of Dragonball Z bouts.


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