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Yoh Issues: Generation D.I.Y


Growing up in this time is the definition of stressful. We have to deal with the cold looks our parents give as they ask ,”why don’t you get off the computer and get a job”, as if this was the 1920’s, and now hiring signs were whoring on every corner. They look down upon our taste in clothes, our music, even our right to smoke the finest grass that the Garden of Eden could offer. I haven’t even mentioned the sexual awakening that is a constant conversation found on the tip of the tongue of every deprived adult. In their eyes, the closet has been blown off the hinges and the invasion of same-sex aliens must be stopped before they wed and be happier than their bitter ass. Will they crown us the soul-less technology Generation? Maybe the lazy, pot smoking, bohemian new age hippy Generation? Pretty sure if you go far enough down south they’ve knighted us “The Black President Generation”? Many of us represent “The Based God” Generation. There’s a strong possibility we will be the “No Homo” or “Pause” Generation. Personally, I like to think of us as the “D.I.Y”, better known as the “Do It Yourself” Generation. Look upon us as an army of self-taught revolutionaries awaiting the opportunity; thanks to the advancements in technology, we are the masters of our destiny. There’s almost nothing we can’t accomplish, we have the tools needed to acquire an endless amount of knowledge, long as a hotspot is present.

When my son asks who my favorite teacher was growing up, I’ll proudly tell him “Google, Wikipedia, and Youtube”.

Just look around, at your peers and friends all passionately running toward their dreams without a diploma or degree, but has the world by the balls. The old rules have been burned away, the old mentality has been long forgotten, and we can manifest our desires and fantasy with hard-work and drive. Don’t take this as me preaching, drop out of school and create a garage band, but that there’s other roads and avenues you can take that will allow you arrival at your destination and this generation is living proof of that.

I’ve come across rap artist who learned to produce, record, and engineer because they couldn’t afford help or studio time. When their music is released, you’ll never know it was recorded inside of a bedroom. I’ve come across artist who never had a single art-lesson in their life, just cartoons and a vast imagination allowing them to sell paintings and leave their art on murals around the world. I’ve come across Photographers that have picked up cameras with no knowledge on the difference between ISO and Aperture, but now are shooting for magazines and advertising companies, because they saw the world differently and captured it. It’s beautiful to watch the progression, and the success of the forward thinkers who utilized the same tools given to most of us-sometimes even less. Nothing can hold us back except ourselves.

With all the instruments laid at our feet, there’s no excuse to be mediocre. Whatever you decide, simply be great.

This generation is flawed, from our infatuation with reality television, social networking commercialism, our idols, and simply being young and rebellious. It’s a chance we will be remembered for what swallowed this regime, than what blossomed from it. Yet, I just want to take this moment and be proud of what we’ve accomplished and are striding to accomplish. There are many of us walking a long lone path, an uncertain one, but there’s this optimistic spirit that surrounds each of us. We believe in our work, our dreams, and our unwillingness to be submerged and succumb under the pressure. The world has to bend toward our will, slowly but surely. That’s why we must be great, because these footsteps will be the ones the youth follow behind. We are telling them they don’t need the most money, the best education, or even the most expensive equipment. Just a dream and every intention of making it come into fruition.  We are the D.I.Y Generation, we came, we saw, and will conquer.

Yoh aka Venni Vetti Vecci.

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