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Yoh Issues: The Colorado massacre


After 21 years of living I have yet to fully understand the concept of dying. It haunts us daily, mentally gnawing at the depths of our minds, never allowing us to fully forget the untimely death we were born to achieve. It shows its face on every news station, it plays childish games on our social networking sites, and sometime it knocks on the door of a neighbor or a distant relative so you never forget how close it is ; how close it can be. Yet it’s just a part of nature, a part of the circle of life, we have to accept the fact our mortality isn’t eternal. Sometimes something happens that makes death hard to swallow, hard to accept, hard to embrace the natural order of things. Can you imagine sitting at a movie, maybe surrounded by friends, your loving family, maybe you got lucky and the girl you dreamed of every night for the last 8 years finally said yes to a date. Popcorn dripping butter, soda is supersized; maybe some candy to cure the lust from your sweet tooth. The movie starts and all problems of the outside world are momentarily erased, forgotten, just long enough so that you can fully enjoy this movie you’ve been waiting months for. Then there’s a pain that erupts from your chest, agonizing, an unbarring pain that feels like it was born and raised in hell. There’s gas everywhere, screams, gun shots, panic, an earthquake of chaos. Your mind is screaming run, but your legs have lost the strength to support your weight and you fall. Your vision is becoming blurred; numbness has officially spread all across your body, and all you wanted to do was watch a movie.

A man holding a gun that has never came in contact with you has just taken your life without warning, there was zero chance of hope. What could possess someone to take the lives of the innocent?  Men, Woman, and Children that only crime was they wanted to see a movie!? I can’t wrap my mind around the thought that it was their time, because their hour-glass unfortunately ran out of sand. Bullets have no eyes and death has no mercy.   The gunmen might get the death penalty, or a jail sentence that the court system feels that fit the crime. What kind of system has any kind of laws in place that can justly punish you for taking the lives of a dozen plus innocent people!?

A crime of this caliber has no justice. Nothing can heal the grievance of the parents, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, and fiancé.

Maybe I should say I don’t understand crazy people that do these things, because I don’t. Yet I really don’t understand why people must die in such a manner. This isn’t war where casualties are expected and you are mentally prepared to lay your life on the line for yours or someone elses beliefs.  No, this is a movie theater, a place of enjoyment, happiness, glee. When things like this happen the fear of death slowly walks from the shadows and grabs you by the neck, he doesn’t speak but he let you know that there is a day for you, and nothing will stop him. Makes you just want to sit at home in a corner, with all the doors locked, and a sophisticated alarm on. That won’t stop him, that won’t stop the natural order of things. Nothing can and nothing will. After 21 years I still don’t understand this.

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