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You need a job to get a job


President of the United States Barack Obama is to address the nation on Thursday September 8th and his main focus is to be on job creation in this woeful economy. This is coming at a very important time because it has been a uproar from the unemployed for months now on how they are being discriminated against for being unemployed. Yes you read that right, people are being turned away by employers for not having a job in the first place. On Tuesday August 30th the president was quoted saying, “makes absolutely no sense” when referring to hiring discrimination against the jobless while he was on the Tom Joyner radio show. This problem is a hard one to fight since there isn’t really anything illegal about it. Affirmative action it protects against race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin discrimination. But, there isn’t any statistical numbers showing that this violates any of those aspects...or does it ? In the black community unemployment is at 16.0% ; the highest of all races.  The national average is 9.1%. There hasn’t been much effort by the president to address this problem and the Congressional Black Caucus have been riding the president to do something about this. The argument that I have been hearing from many news personality and journalist is that the president doesn’t want to be seen as someone who picks sides by focusing much effort on African Americans. To me that makes not a ounce of sense. We all are suppose to be American and it shouldn’t be seen as saving one minority demographic but saving some Americans in need.

By the numbers, unemployment in America goes a little like this Blacks 16.0%, Hispanics 11.3%, White 8.1%, Asian 7.7%.

The president must tackle this subject because republicans side of the house uses the fact that he has forgotten the blacks to their advantage. That is funny don’t you think? For the simple reason so many of these republicans are backed by the “job creators” that don’t hire nor create jobs in the first place only if it’s in their interests like oil. People do need to realize the president can’t personally hire you and that’s where we point the finger at places the employers. The fight against this bias of the unemployed has been noticed by the Democrats in Congress and they have introduced legislation that would make it illegal to discriminate against the unemployed. It is a tough fight because the practice of not hiring the unemployed like I previously said isn’t illegal.

Websites such as and have been in the cross hairs of agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for allowing employers to post job fliers having requirements such as “if you’re unemployed need not apply”.

Many people are turned away for being out of work for over 6 months, on average people now a days are usually out of work for up to a year.

Some of the excuses employers used against why they don’t hire the unemployed are they have lost training but many jobs offer on job training. Another one is the candidate possibly being a weak link at their last job and that being the reason they are unemployed. But statistics will show that many that are out of work have been due to the recession and employers cutting back because of tight funds. So, the fight for the discrimination against the unemployed is a hard one to really base it on anything that falls under affirmative action. The only state so far that has taken action against the anti-unemployment ads has been New Jersey banning employers from posting such job fliers in their state.

President Obama seems to really be disgusted by the fact that employers are discriminating against the unemployed. He has a lot on his plate between jobs, war, and the proposed pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. He does need to really focus on American infrastructure and with a boom in the job market we can have a better looking America with more construction jobs. The president has been criticized about bowing to the G.O.P’s will. I mean even with the speech he’s giving he was suppose to do it Wednesday the 7th but John Boehner asked him to switch the date since a Republican debate was that day so he did. Which is more important to you Mr.Obama? Who’s the next republican to try and take your spot or putting Americans in need to work?

I always hear that, “It’s a job trying to find a job.” To add to that it seems,"You need a job to get a job."

Climatic enough????

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